Letter of agreement

“Kazakhstan archeology” magazine. Letter of agreement

To the editor-in-chief
of “Kazakhstan archeology” magazine,
doctor of historical sciences,
academician of the National Academy of Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan
B.A. Baitanayev

I, __________________________________________________________________________,

(last name, first name, middle name in full)


(position, place of work)

kindly request to publish my article «___________________________________________________________________________»

in the journal “Kazakhstan archeology”.

By this letter, I also:

1) agree to edit my article «___________________________________________________________________________»,necessary for its publication;

2) give my consent that the publisher of the magazine and the persons authorized by the management of the editorial office of the magazine perform any actions aimed at bringing my article «_____________________________________________________________________» to the general attention, including its reproduction, distribution, as in the framework of the composite work (journal), and separately, publication on the Internet, inclusion in electronic databases, as well as for free transfer of these rights to third parties, provided that my non-property copyright is respected (including copyright, right to name, right to inviolability of work);

3) agree to extract from my article and use on a grant basis of metadata (title, name of the author (owner), summary, bibliographic materials and so forth) for the purpose of their inclusion in the RSCI database – Russian Science Citation Index, containing bibliographic information (the bibliographic description of articles and article references);

4) confirm that my article «___________________________________________________________________________»has not been previously published and is not currently under review and/or accepted for publication in any other periodical;

5) undertake, in case of publication of my article independently on the Internet, to provide a full bibliographic link to the relevant issue of the journal in which it was published.

Author _________________ / Surname, initials /


« » ________________ 202___

Signature is certified in the HR department at the place of work

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