Submission of article

Order of material submission

Acceptance of materials for consideration for publication in the journal “Kazakhstan archeology” is carried out according to a uniform schedule:

№1 (March) – no later than December, 1
№2 (June) – no later than April, 1 of the current year
№3 (September) – no later than June, 1 of the current year
№4 (December) – no later than August, 1 of the current year

Materials received by the editorial office after the specified date can be expected to be released in the next issue of the journal. The date of material submission in the publication is the date of acceptance by the editorial board of the final version of the article for publication.

Authors should observe the need to provide a set of materials:

1. The letter of agreement with the author is binding and records the author’s acceptance of the terms of publication in the journal. The agreement document is available here. Without a letter of agreement, the material is not accepted for review;
2. Electronic text with annotation;
3. The list of the used literature;
4. Illustrative material: pictures, photos, tables/charts with source files used for their construction.

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