Procedure for articles consideration

1. The authors receive confirmation of reception of material to the editorial office within 7-10 days via e-mail (except for the period related to field research).

2. Within four weeks, the editorial board shall inform the author (s) of the results of the review, the need for further work and the publication plan of the article.

3. The editorial board reserves the right to reject an article that does not meet the established requirements, ethical standards or topic of the journal.

4. If the article is rejected, the editorial board shall send a letter to the author (s) containing a reasoned opinion.

5. The editorial board has the right to perform scientific and stylistic editing of the received materials, agreeing on all actions to change the article with the author (s).

6. Once the material has been printed, no substantial additions or changes are allowed. If the author needs to make changes to the accepted article, the material may be deferred for publication in the next issue of the journal.

7. The date of materials reception in the publication is the date of acceptance by the editor of the final version of the article for publication.

8. The electronic version of the journal is available on the website of the journal

Журнал Института Археологии